21 10 / 2014

images (14)Lately, I have been focused on staying busy. This morning I abruptly tore my fridge apart, cleaned it inside and out, then I folded laundry and put it away to sweeping my floors and taking my dogs out. Oh and go grocery shopping which I forget vegetables and cat food *insert palm to head*.

Some days I am like this, I don’t know if it is mania or what, but its like I am on an engine revved and it…

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19 10 / 2014

Being around friends can sometimes be a challenge for me.  My past behavior when I didn’t know that I am Bipolar and Borderline Personality caused me to lose friends because of my eradicate behavior. Over the last 4 or 5 years as I have been in treatment and working with my psychiatrist, some people have come back to my life. The commonality that is often said to me whether it be a therapist or a…

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17 10 / 2014

Its amazing when in my weekly group, as I listen to others share how they feel and what they are feeling, a lot of sadness is shared. Yet for me? I’m pissed! Yep, I said it! Pissed! I even said it in group!

Another member shared their life on the topic at hand and I swear it was mine. It helps actually, but at the same time I see what that person has gone through and I look at some of what I have…

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15 10 / 2014

I have been staring at this screen for a few moments now combined with the sheet from my process group. I am having a hard time shaking the cobwebs out of my skull this morning.

I’ve never examined why life is worth recovering for. I realize it is part of my recovery process, but just on my own merits it isn’t anything I have ever thought of and it makes me question why that is. So I have decided…

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13 10 / 2014

How many of you keep an offline journal as well as your online blog?

As I start my process group, the requirement is to keep a journal that we have to write in so that I can process what happens in the group and my thoughts and feelings over the coming weeks.

I struggle with writing a journal. In my past, excerpts of my journal were used in a motor vehicle accident claim and I never really…

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11 10 / 2014

Blaze and I between rain falls

Blaze and I between rain falls

10 10 / 2014

Working through bad feelings – Mental Health

My emotions are surface; a moment they are full of rage and anger; the next tears are welling up at moments of unexpectedness.

Here in Canada, Monday is Thanksgiving. It is the start of the major Holiday season. I do not do well with holidays period. Holidays have represented family, family get togethers, family traditions, a time where everyone was together, even if they didn’t like the other,…

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09 10 / 2014

I will be doing another blog after this one as I have been hit with a ton of emotions following my first day at my new group.

This blog is about how music has impacted me and my mental health.

This morning I was watching the Today Show and in there concert segment was one of my favorite bands… Fleetwood Mac.

Talk about a memory of my childhood! All original members were there and as I listened, I…

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08 10 / 2014

I had my monthly psychiatric appointment. I’m thankful that I like him, I’ve heard…

I had my monthly psychiatric appointment. I’m thankful that I like him, I’ve heard horror stories of those who don’t or are being over medicated.

Our visits start out with him asking me how I am, how have I been feeling, etc.

I updated him on my reintroduction on vitamin D and that I had purchased a happy compact light. He commented that it made sense with the reduction of sunlight.

Out of know…

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06 10 / 2014

I’ve been blogging awhile now, sometimes my blogs get the attention of others, sometimes they don’t. I think to myself why do I blog? Do I do it for me? Do I do it for everyone else? What do I gain from blogging? 

I think I blog for a few reasons.

I do blog for myself. I realized with my post yesterday, which you can refresh yourself here   http://sexyonthedarkside.wordpress.com/2014/10/05/basic-…

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